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Z Knife

    Z-Knife     This is our Z-Knife Section. Every diver should have a Z-Knife I know this is a bold statement but we believe it to be true. There is no other knife that will cut you out of monofilament or nylon line quicker.    Maintenance:  If you want to prolong the life of your blade take a little silicone grease and rub it all over the blade. The blade will still cut with total ease but will be protected from salt water unless you use it.   Johns Quick Tip’s: Which One?    All Z-Knives do the same thing cut line. There are certain features that make a knife easier to use in certain situations. Below is a couple of features that might help you make a decision.   Snap or Velcro Closure? Both are still used today. Some people prefer the Snap as they feel it is more positive of a lock. The Velcro in my opinion is easier to work if you are wearing heavy dive gloves. The Dive Rite ones and a few others even have Velcro on both sides of the retainer this way you can put it in either way and still have the Velcro grab.   Daisy Chains? This is something Dive Rite started to put on all their pockets and knives. It is a one inch piece of webbing that allows you to clip a knive, jon-line, trauma shear to a pouch. You can also clip the same items to any one inch piece of webbing.   Mounting Suggestions There are numerous places to mount a z knife. Most divers know about the triangle area across their chests. There is another option if you own your wetsuit or drysuit you can use seal cement and glue it to your suit on the wrist.