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XS Scuba Universal Spring Straps

XS Scuba Universal Spring Straps   Great Straps with all the Features One kit attaches to almost any scuba fin DIR style .025 stainless springs Internal caveline to limit overstretching of springs Heavy-duty nylon tube webbing 3 styles of 316 stainless steel buckles included "Old School" buckles fit Turtle™, Power™, Frog™, Jet™, Twin Jet™, Rocket™ and others "Large Post" buckles fit most of today's modern fins "Small Post" buckles fit Atomic split fins   John’s Quick Tips;   Which Strap size do I need? If you are buying this strap system there is an easy way to figure out which strap is best for you.  The straps should be worn with only a little bit a stretch.  If the strap has too much stretch it can hurt your Achilles tendon.  Too little, you risk the fin falling off.   The best way to confirm your size is to take your fin with the rubber strap adjusted the way you like it and measure the strap.  You want to measure the button from (under the quick release or retainer) to button.    Let’s say the distance measures 12” from end to end.  You will need a 8” strap.  The reason behind this is that the buckles to hook the spring on are 4 inches total. So you always deduct 4 inches from the total and this is your spring portion.