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UW Light Dude Video Lights - Superior Quality

UW Light Dude Video Lights


Announcing the release and immediate availability of our new 13,000 lumenfront three-angled (Custom)handheld video light – LD-130V. Designed to take advantage of the best LED technology on the market, the LD-130V sets the new standard for what a compact handheld video light can do. Not only is it compact and modular, it offers a choice between 3 handheld battery sizes and multiple umbilical canister configurations.

Leveraging our innovative one-button, one-touch piezo control system, videographers can select between 5 power output levels to achieve the correct exposure. Depending on the battery size chosen, with full output burn-times are 25, 60 & 90 minutes for the mini, short (mid-size) and tall batteries respectively. At lower, but still high output levels, the mid-size battery configuration offers greatly extended burn-times of 75min @ 10,500 lm, 105min @ 8000lm and 165min @ 5500lm.

The LD-130V is built using our proven Generation5 battery canister design, and is equipped with our Sealed External Charging System. The system negates the need to break seal integrity to charge the battery, whilst offering battery changes in the field and/or inspection for air travel.

Designed and built using the highest quality and most reliable components, the LD-130V is an extremely robust and capable lighting system. Proven in the field to over 200m by some of the world’s best technical divers, the LD-130V is available today for the professional video market.

Product Specs

  • 13,000 Lumens
  • 5 power levels with flexible burn times
  • Mini 54whr: 25min to 600min
  • Short (Mid) 107whr: 60min to 1200min
  • Tall 160whr: 90min to 1800min
  • 120 degree beam angle in water
  • 1″ Ball mount as standard
  • Compact size and weight (Mini: length 7.6″; diameter 2.6″)
  • Fast charge times
  • Modular design with interchangeable batteries
  • Built to last: hard anodized head /w borosilicate glass lens & Delrin body
  • Sealed External Charging System (SECS)
  • 5000K CRI70 as standard
  • 5600K CRI90 special order (reduces burn time)
  • 200m/600ft depth rating
  • UN/DOT 38.3 Certified for Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries