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UW Light Dude Canister Lights - Complete Lights

UW Light Dude Canister Lights - Complete Lights


 Announcing the release and availability of our all new battery canister design. Redesigned from the ground up, the innovative solution eliminates spring latches and delivers our Sealed External Charging System (SECS). We know our  5th Generation (Gen5) product offering will be popular; we have been using it ourselves! See the new features below.


No More Spring Latches

Eliminating the spring latches from our battery canisters means smooth sides, nothing to snag and a smaller footprint. Let’s face it, although tried and tested, the spring latch canister design is a relative dinosaur. Our innovative cable insert solution fastens the cap to canister body, and does not use a thread or twisting action that O-rings hate.



Sealed External Charging System (SECS)

Our Sealed External Charging System, or SECS for short, delivers an easy, safe and quick way to charge your pack without opening the canister or unscrewing a head. The stainless steel charging ports are located in the bottom of the canister and are designed to get wet. Just plug, charge and dive…




High Capacity Batteries

We pride ourselves on putting serious dense power into our cans. The Gen5 batteries are the best Panasonic lithium-ion cells available, offering approximately 10% increase in burn-time over previous versions for the same size and weight. Our new solution is also rated for much higher current draw, meaning you can run multiple video heads off a single canister if you choose.




New Mini Canister Size

Wreck divers screamed for it, so here you go! We have shrunk canister height down to minimum, offering the lightest and smallest possible solution. If you’re flying somewhere crazy like Bikini, or just don’t need 30 hours burn-time the mini is an option for you. We will continue to offer the Tall and Short canister sizes as well.