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Tank Dust Caps - Din Version

Tank Dust Caps - Din Version     This is our tank dust cap page.  The dust cap keeps crap out of your valve.  This way when you put your regulator on there is nothing in there to keep it from sealing.       We carry three different kinds.   Plastic Generic This is just a plain jane dust cap.  Nothing fancy it screw in and has a o-ring seal.  This version is hollow inside it will not protect against bumps but does keep dust out.    Delrin This is a solid style one with a hole in the center for the string.  This version is a tougher one.  It is made of machined delrin and holds up to years of abuse.   Stainless Steel This version not only keeps dust out of the valve but also seals tight to keep gas from leaking out.  Divers buy this version off us more to keep the expensive gas from leaking if a handwheel is inadvertently bumped. An important thing to remember is if you do bump the handwheel and you have a cave fill you will play hell getting the plug out.  This version also protects against smacking your valve or manifold.