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Surface Supplied Length Regulator Hoses

Surface Supplied Regulator Hoses


  Northeast Scuba Supply, Inc. stocks many different sizes of regulator hoses.  If you are wondering what the small ones are for the rebreather divers use these for BOV’s and shutoffs.  Our in stock inventory is available in 2 inch increments. The hoses are all with 3/8 fittings if you need the old style ½” fitting we do have these also just call the shop or add a note to your order that you need the ½” fitting.  If you do not see the length you are looking for please contact us as we can special order them.        Johns Words of Wisdom: Hose is leaking.  There are four parts on a Drysuit hose that can fail below is listed the problem and remedies 1. Leaking from Rubber material (Order new hose)   2. Leaking from Crimp Area – (Order Hose) – in a pinch at a dive site you can clamp the crimp with a pair of pliers and it will usually stop the leaking.  This is only temporary to get you and your buddy back in the water   3. Leaking from Second Stage Area There is a o-ring inside the hose swivel.  The o-ring is a size 010.  This is a tough one to get out.  It requires a curved pick and a lot of patience. Once you get this o-ring out make sure you lube the area real good so the swivel stays smooth.   4. O-rings needed for repairs             011 on first stage             010 on Second Stage Side