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Standard Valve Parts

  Standard Valves


    This is our standard valve section. Many valves use the same internal parts. If your valve uses a crush copper gasket inside then are probably the items you need. We tried to take high quality pictures of the items so that you can match the items up. If you are not sure then please call so with the valve in front of you so we can go over the different items.    Valves these parts will fit Sherwood Yoke Valves Thermo Valves Some Dacor Valves Aqualung Valves (most)     Important Notice: Availability of valve repair parts and diagrams does not imply qualification to service valves. Service by other than an authorized dealer may void the warranty. Improper service of valves can lead to serious injury or death. Valves serviced for Oxygen service require special training. Northeast Scuba Supply strongly recommends that you seek out proper training prior to servicing valves for O2.