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Stage Bottle Regulators

  Stage Bottle Regulators   This is where you will find the regulators that we recommend for stage bottles.    John’s Quick Tip: We here this all the time in the shop, it is just my o2 reg I just want something cheap I only going to use it at twenty feet. This of course makes absolutely no sense. You are relying on this reg to keep you from getting bent and you want a piece of crap, come on. Also do not forget that if you do move into more serious decompression diving the times you spend on this reg will go up, do you really want to be sucking on a cheap reg instead of relaxing breathing off an easy breather. On a side note: Regs with swivels tend to be the easiet to work with. The swivel allows you to run the 40” hose behind your head so it does not pull on your mouth.