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Single Valves

  Single Valves   This is our Single Valve Page. There are many manufacturers of valves on the market place right now. All valves are made of rugged chrome plated brass that is then chrome plated. The valve shown here are all ¾ thread. ¾ Thread is used on aluminum tanks and all steel tanks that are 2004 or newer.      Johns Quick Tip’s: Yoke – Din 200 Bar or Din 300 Bar?   This is one of those questions that we get asked all the time which one do I want, which one is better, and so on and so on. There really is no right answer but we will try to make sense of it all below.   Yoke This is the common valve seen on many tanks today. If you mainly dive the Caribbean you probably do not even realize there are other valves. Yoke is fine for open water recreational divers but not good for much else. We do not even recommend them at all.              200 Bar Din/Yoke This is a better way to go if you are not sure where you are heading in the sport.               The 200 Bar din/yoke does both yoke or din. This is the most versatile of the valves as you can use either a din or yoke reg on this setup.                300 Bar Din This is the valve most technical divers prefer. It has an additional one and half thread over the 200 bar. There is some misinformation out there on 300 bar din valves that we will clear up below.   Din 300 Bar Misconceptions Ok, nothing drives us crazier at the shop then someone called the shop and saying they need 300 bar din because they are doing high pressure. This is going to be a long one so sit down get a drink and relax. Here goes everything I know about valves hopefully condensed enough that you will not have nightmares!!!!   I am filling to high pressure so I need a 300 bar din This is one of my favorites. We all here about valve coming out of the tanks because the din is wrong right, WRONG. Any valve will be fine in any tank at the scuba manufacturer’s pressure. You need an appropriate burst disc but the valve will function the same. Now before you go crazy here I am not recommending a yoke valve at 3500 psi as you will have o-ring extrusion issues at where the reg and yoke face meet. Anything above 3000psi should be din.     300 Bar Din holds a reg more securely than 200 Ok, this is a good one I have never ever seen anyone unscrew a reg under pressure. If you think 1 ½ more threads is going to really make a difference than go ahead and buy 300 bar. The reg will not go shooting off the din valve whether it is 300 or 200 bar. If you do manage to bump it and somehow manage to twist the reg it is going to leak the same whether it is 200 or 300 bar.   I need a yoke adapter for my 300 bar din, you do not have any on the webpage. Sorry everyone this will not work, not because of pressure but because of depth. A 300 bar din valve is too deep for a yoke from a reg to fit over the top. That is why you do not see adapters out there for 300 bar.