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Sherwood Reg Service Kits

Sherwood Reg Service Kits    


We are now making up rebuild kits for the Sherwood series of regulators.  The kits include the o-rings, seats and filters that are on Sherwood regulators.  The below is the Sherwood part number for the kits and what they fit.  

4000-1 Fits Sherwood Brut and Sherwood Egress Regs  

4000-4 Fits Sherwood Maximus Regs  

4000-9 Fits Sherwood Octos and Hookah Regs  

4000-15 Fits Blizzard(SRB3200) Magnum II (SRB3300) Oasis (SRB3400) Oasis + (SRB3500) Brut (SRB5100) Magnum (SRB5300) Oasis (SRB5700) Blizzard (SRB5900) Backup (SRB5108) Classic (SRB0050)  

4000-17 Fits Blizzard (SRB3200) Pre 1992  

6000-9 Fits Dual Octo  

9000-PK Fits Gemini  

1000-PK Fits SR-1 reg