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Scuba Valve Burst Discs

  Scuba Valve Burst Disc Section   Welcome, come one; come all to our burst disc section. This is where you will find all the burst discs that we stock.    Important note: If you have a one piece burst disc you can not make it a three piece burst disc by just pulling it apart. One piece burst disc run an edge on the plug that the washer/disc combo seals to. A Three piece disc uses a flat on the plug to seal against. Do not be cheap here replace the plug. If you do not the tank will fill like normal but will keep blowing discs once it gets to higher pressure it will blow. The reason this happens is the burst disc gets scored from the plug being wrong.      Important Notice: Availability of valve repair parts and diagrams does not imply qualification to service valves. Service by other than an authorized dealer may void the warranty. Improper service of valves can lead to serious injury or death. Valves serviced for Oxygen service require special training. Northeast Scuba Supply strongly recommends that you seek out proper training prior to servicing valves for O2.