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Pinnacle Undergarments

Pinnacle Undergarments     Pinnacle makes two different undergarments. Temperate The Temperate Undergarment is designed for moderate temperatures and for divers who are working hard enough to generate significant body heat in colder waters. It is extremely soft and comfortable. Ideal for use in waters from 47°F to 65°F.   Merino Evolution The Merino-Evolution Undergarment is the world’s first drysuit undergarment incorporating the wonders of Merino.  This undergarment is intended for use in the coldest waters of the world.  The Merino lining not only keeps you warm in frigid temperatures, but it also is soft and comfortable, breathable, and wicks perspiration away from your body.  It is perfect for use in waters from 50°F to below-freezing.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Maintenance of Undergarment. This is one of those things that divers just take for granted. They wash their undergarments like there clothes and then wonder why they do not feel as warm as they used to. The reason behind this is surfactants. Surfactants are what clean fabrics. The problem is that if there is any residue left behind your undergarment will not wick moisture like it used to and you will then be colder.    There are solutions to this; 1. Instead of washing your undergarment every time try soaking it in water and hanging it out in a shaded area to dry.   2. If your undergarment does need a cleaning there are special cleaners that are made for     high performance fabric. McNett Corporation has a great product called Revivex Synthetic Fabric Cleaner. This product will clean your undergarment without harming the wicking ability of your undergarment.