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Oh Shit! BC Parts

            Oh Shit! BC Parts     As the name states these are the crap, I broke it now what I am I going to do parts.   John’s Quick Tips:  The internal and external nuts show here should be tightened with the tool shown.  You can get lucky sometimes by tightening them by hand.  The cheating method to do this is to you a rubber mat to grip the outside nut.  The important thing is to try and keep the inside nut from spinning, sometimes you are luck, sometimes not.    If you get an outside nut jammed inside a plain elbow do not waste your time trying to save the elbow.  There is a reason it is jammed it could be worn or most likely it was banged during or after a dive and is pinched.  Even if you can get the elbow off most times the threads are screwed up. If you put it back on you will just have to do the same thing over again the next time.  I do not argue that sometimes you get lucky but I have been introduced to Mr. Murphy more times than I care to admit.