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Miflex High Pressure Hoses

Miflex Xtreme High Pressure Hoses     Now Available in High Pressure -  We are now taking adavance orders. Delivery is First or second week of June. We have 200 on order but expect to run out pretty quick.     XTREME hose production is carried out on automated assembly and testing line. Each and every XTREME hose is subject to more than 30 individual safety and spcification checks. Any hose found not to meet the exacting MIFLEX standard is immediately scrapped.   An XTREME Performer â–ª An average lifespan 3x longer than traditional hoses. â–ª Excellent resistance to abrasion â–ª Kink-resistant design – tie an XTREME hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous. â–ª Light and extremely flexible â–ª A burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses.
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