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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners       Perform fast, safe, and simple knife sharpening with the Redi-Edge Knife Sharpener. This compact, easy-to-use tool utilizes Duromite inserts to help maintain the sharp edges you need to slice, chop, fillet, and more.   Redi-Edge Sharpeners You won't find another knife sharpener on the market that beats the Redi-Edge or Redi-Edge Pocket for simplicity and pure effectiveness. These tools are designed to make knives sharp - and make it easy to keep them that way. Both models use the same beveled edge sharpening blades and the same draw-through sharpening action. And like the name says, the card-sized Pocket Pro fits easily into your pocket. We designed the Redi-Edge and Redi-Edge Pocket Sharpeners to take the guesswork out of sharpening and insure the same sharp edge every time you use them. Simply place the sharpener flat side down on any firm surface and draw your knife back through it. Because our sharpening blades are harder than any cutlery steel, no knife can defy the Redi-Edge. You'll always maintain perfect 20-degree shoulders, whether sharpening for the first time or putting an edge back on. And Redi-Edge will never destroy your knives' temper, unlike heat-generating, grinding-wheel type sharpeners.