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Glue-on Pockets

  Drysuit Pockets   Welcome to our pocket section of the website. Below you will find pockets by many different manufacturers. All are quality pockets and many are very similar. I am not going to waste time with the write ups that the vendors give here. All the write ups will be my own based on my opinions.        Johns Quick Tip’s: How to glue on a pocket This is an easy thing that any diver can do. Also do not discount gluing a pocket on your wetsuit. It makes everything more convenient when your wetsuit and drysuit are setup the same.    1. Put your suit on and figure out where you want your pocket to go. You should try and mount the pocket on the side of your leg not the front. There is too much drag in the front. Put the pocket on your side and make sure you can reach the bottom of the pocket. Now have someone take a silver sharpie or chalk and drawn around the outside of the pocket or mark the four corners your choice.   2. Take the pocket and the suit and lay them out so they are flat and you can glue to them. The suit might take some doing. If you have some soft weights just set them on it to get the suit to lay flat.    3. Take a can of McNett Seal Cement and start applying to the suit and pocket. You want to put three coats on both the suit and pocket. Each coat should be allowed to soak in and dry. Do not put one heavy coat use the three coat method. Make sure that you cover the whole pocket and suit, do not do just the edges. When the third coat is almost totally dry, flip the pocket over and stick it to the suit. Now put pressure on the pocket to make sure it is adhered on all whole pocket. Then take the soft weights and stack them over the pocket covering it fully. Let the suit sit for 24 hours.   4. The next day come back and check the corners to make sure the pocket has not pulled up. If it is pulled up at all just add a little more Seal cement and hit that spot again. This should make the pocket nice and tight on the suit. If you want additional security you can run a bead of aquaseal around the outside of the pocket.