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Fourth Element Undergarments

Fourth Element Undergarments Extreme Performance Undersuits    Fourth Element has four different suits depending on the environment.    Drybase This is your base layer undergarment.  These are really nice and add that extra warmth for diving and all other activities.   Xerotherm This is your warmer water undergarment.   Artic This is your colder water undergarment and for most people this is more than enough   Sub Zero This is the undergarment to have if you are diving under ice or long exposures.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Maintenance of Undergarment. This is one of those things that divers just take for granted. They wash their undergarments like there clothes and then wonder why they do not feel as warm as they used to. The reason behind this is surfactants. Surfactants are what clean fabrics. The problem is that if there is any residue left behind your undergarment will not wick moisture like it used to and you will then be colder.