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Finger Spools

Finger Spools   Every diver should carry a finger spool. I know this is a bold statement but having a finger spool might just save your life.  Finger spools were made as an easy way to make jumps in cave lines and for emergency lost line drills. In everyday scuba they are indispensible. They are used for shooting lift bags, marking stuff on the bottom, doing sweeps for missing items and many more things.    Material  Versions: ABS Version    These are the cheapest of the reels.  They tend to have smaller holes in the center where you finger goes through to hold your spool. In the purest sense this is all you need but other reels do have options such as larger holes.  Most come with a brass clip   Delrin Version These are a little beefier but of course add higher price to the product. They also usually still have the smaller hole in the center.  Most of these versions do come with a stainless clip.   Stainless Version These are the Mack Daddy of finger spools.  They are practically indestructible and more importantly look cool! This style has the stainless clip and more importantly has a larger hole in the center for use with gloves.