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Drysuit Valves

Drysuit Valves   This is our drysuit valve section.  In here are both inflation and exhaust valves.  We carry both Apeks and Sitech.        John’s Quick Tips? How to Install a Drysuit Valve   Drysuit valves are very easy to install.  The hardest part of a drysuit valve install is usually getting the old one out.  Some of the manufacturers run the glue onto the threads so you can not take a valve out without destroying it.    To install, clean any of the old adhesive that is loose off.  You do not have to remove all loose adhesive. You do not have to take off the adhesive that is still stuck. Take the valve and make sure it fits in the hole.  Once you confirm the fit pull the valve back out.  On the underside of the valve run a line of caulk.  We use at the shop silicone window caulk. It holds up well and cleans up easy.  The valve is now put into the drysuit.  Now all you have to do is hold the outside of the valve and reach into the drysuit and put the threaded internals on.  Some internals have a white or black ring.  This ring goes on the inside of the drysuit.  The ring is there to keep the internals from binding on the drysuit.  Now all you have to do is clean up and glue that came out from around the valve.