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Drysuit Seals - Wrist - Generic

Drysuit Seals – Wrist - Generic   Welcome to our seal section.  The seals we sell come in different versions and styles.     Generic Seal This is the standard Seal we get from different vendors.  This seal is common throughout the industry.  They are sold through DUI, Bare and most drysuit vendors.   Gold Seals Please note the difference with Gold Quality Seals The main production is warm dipping of Latex products, which is a very unique production method and gives the products a clear advantage compared with traditional latex production. With this method we can manage and control the thickness very precisely and get consistent products without air bubbles also known as windows. All products are handmade and individually inspected. So why do we claim to probably have the best seals in the world? First of all we can never be sure that there is a better product, but tests shows that our seals have a longer lifetime and are more durable.     Versions; Flexible – This is more flexible seal than the standard. It has more stretch.    Standard Seal – This is the standard seal seen on most suits out there but this is a better version.   Heavy Duty – This is a thicker version of the standard seal.      Neck Seal Styles; Standard Seal – This is the shape seen on most suits.    Inner Seal (Viking Seal) – This is the seal seen on Viking drysuits.  If you are going to glue the seal to the inner part of the suit this seal does work better for this but the standard can also be used this way.   Short Neck Standard – This is the seal seen on semi drysuits, sailing suits, mustang suits and kayaking suits.     Wrist Seal Styles; Standard Bottle Neck – bottle neck design   Conical Seal – tapered cone shape   Long Conical – Viking style seal.  This seal also works really well if you have skinng wrists or constantly get leaks when you grab something.