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Drysuit Exhaust Valves

Drysuit Inflator Valves   With a SI TECH exhaust valve you can optimize your buoyancy control beyond belief. Set the pressure in the suit by turning the lid towards higher (+) or lower (-) buoyancy. Small adjustments of the setting  during the dive will allow you to control you boyancy just by raising your elbow a few centimeters. No need for manual dumping by pushing the valve. Adjust the setting at intervals and the valve will do the job for you. Experience the sensation of a completely dry dive! Of course you can deflate manually - if needed.   Characteristic for both original and low profile high flow exhaust valves are their outstanding sensitivity to changes in ambient pressure. SI TECH exhaust valves are designed to perform at a given flow rate that corresponds to a normal speed of ascent with adequate weighting.     If you are going to remove your valve read this first it gives pointers