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Dive Rite Primaloft Undergarment

Dive Rite Primaloft Undergarment Lightweight – Super Warm   Free Freight in Continental USA   Dive Rite #EX922   Originally developed for the U.S. military, Primaloft is a down-like insulation that imitates the lightweight compressibility and warmth of down, but continues to insulate even when wet. The Dive Rite Primaloft Undergarment is constructed of a nylon outer shell, Primaloft insulation, and a Hydrofil inner layer. Because individual fibers are water repellent, Primaloft retains 80% of its ability to keep divers warm, even if the undergarment is soaking wet. Incredibly soft and supple, Primaloft allows for unrestricted movement and is comfortable for extended wear. Weighing less than Thinsulate Insulation and other compressible garments, our Primaloft Jumpsuit has a lower loft, which means divers are not required to carry as much weight in order to achieve neutral buoyancy. The highly compressible insulation inside the water repellent nylon shell allows air to be dumped quickly to cool down or regulate buoyancy. The Hydrofil inner layer wicks moisture away from the diver to minimize cooling from moisture. Durable, reinforced elbows reduce wear and tear and a convenient zipper pocket on the chest carries small items, such as a car key. Our Primaloft Jumpsuit is ideal for cold to extreme-cold water diving. Available in size S-XXL. Made in the U.S.A     Johns Quick Tip’s: Maintenance of Undergarment. This is one of those things that divers just take for granted. They wash their undergarments like there clothes and then wonder why they do not feel as warm as they used to. The reason behind this is surfactants. Surfactants are what clean fabrics. The problem is that if there is any residue left behind your undergarment will not wick moisture like it used to and you will then be colder.