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Dive Rite Optima FX Rebreather

Dive Rite Optima FX Rebreather   The O2ptima FX is a fully closed circuit, constant PO2, electronically-driven rebreather with built-in decompression ability. Unique in the rebreather marketplace, the O2ptima is specifically designed for the rigors of cave diving where immediate surfacing is not possible. The resulting features are also highly desirable for wreck and deep ocean divers. The O2ptima's design includes minimal risk of a caustic cocktail. Two water traps in the loop along with horizontal, behind-the-head positioning of the scrubber canister create a difficult path for water to travel. An even greater advantage is gained by using Micropore Extend Air scrubber cartridges, which do not contain dust. It is the dust that reacts quickly with water to form a caustic cocktail. The O2ptima FX delivers excellent work-of-breathing that allows divers faced with strong flow or ripping current to breathe comfortably. Over-the-shoulder counter lungs along with the scrubber positioned behind the head means gas has less distance to travel, so the diver does not have to work as hard to "pull" gas through the loop. This also allows the O2ptima to have smaller diameter loop hoses, which minimizes jaw fatigue. A high impact frame and Rhinotec 600-denier polyester cover protects the O2ptima from tight cave squeezes and rolling boats. Hoses, regulators and tanks are kept neatly streamlined and away from potential snags inside a wreck or cave. The O2ptima FX comes standard with the following features (see tech specs for details): Over-the-shoulder counterlungs Juergensen Marine Hammerhead Electronics Heads-up-display (HUD) Display Integrated Vibrating Alarm (DIVA) Dive Surface Valve (DSV) Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV) Water traps Regulators and hoses AI R22 Oxygen Sensors The following items are not included with the O2ptima due to individual diver preferences: harness, wing, tanks. Tech Specs: COUNTERLUNGS: Over-the-shoulder counterlungs provide easier work of breathing in all dive positions. Counterlungs include diluent and oxygen manual addition valves. An over pressurization drain valve is located on the exhalation counterlung. The O2ptima FX counterlungs are covered in tear-resistant Rhinotec. Available in 3L volume for the average diver or 2L volume for women or very small divers. ·  ELECTRONICS: Juergensen Marine's Hammerhead Electronics includes primary controller handset that maintains oxygen injection, PO2 monitoring, set points and onboard decompression information. Completely redundant secondary handset displays PO2, dive time, current depth and max depth. Optional secondary decompression available through Juergensen Marine. Primary and secondary handsets are independent and do not share CPU or battery. Only shared component is three O2 sensors, yet each is accessed individually by the handsets. Compatible with off-board CCR capable computers. ·  HUD/DIVA: Hammerhead electronics come standard with HUD (heads up display) and DIVA (display integrated vibrating alarm). PO2 information is shown using green, amber and red LED.   ·  DSV: Dive surface valve is small and lightweight with a friction seal so there are no o-rings to wear out and replace. ·  ADV: Automatic diluent valve adds diluent to loop automatically maintaining a breathable volume. Located on the inhalation counterlung, the ADV includes an in-line shutoff in case of free flow. ·  WATER TRAPS: Dual water traps, one in the canister and one in the T-piece on the exhalation counter lung minimizes possible water interaction with the scrubber cartridge. ·  REGULATORS & HOSES: Dive Rite RG1208 first stages with over pressurization valves for safety.  
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