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Deep Sea Supply Computer Mounts

Deep Sea Supply Computer Mounts   These are the best mounts made today.  Deep sea Supply has come up with an incredible secure way to mount your computers.  The best thing about the mounts is that they use standard bungee to mount them onto your wrist.  This way they are fully adjustable and never get loose when your wetsuit collapses from water pressure.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Putting Bungee Through Mount    Getting 3/16 Marine grade bungee through the holes of the mount can be pretty daunting.  The easiest way we have found is to cut the bungee with a sharp pair of scissors, then melt the edge a little bit (do not go crazy here). Then take the bungee and start it in the hole mount.  It will be tight going in, you might need a screw driver to push it through just make sure you do not stab yourself with the screwdriver, not that I would ever do that to myself. Please Note: DSS mounts come only with the mount. They do not include the bungee or the product in the mount.  If you would like to order these too I do not mind.