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Catalina Aluminum Cylinders

Aluminum Catalina Cylinders


    Time for me to get on my soap box….Aluminum tanks are a poor choice for a primary tank. Yes, the shop you trained at most likely gave you an aluminum tank and only rents aluminums. This is because they are cheaper than steel. (Read the note on steel tanks as to how cheap this is for you)   We recommend aluminum cylinders for Tech divers looking for stage bottles, or argon bottles. They also make great “Pony” bottles for those of you who are required to have them for ocean dives or just want a redundant air supply.   For “Pony’s” we generally recommend at least a 30 cubic foot or large bottle for dives 100 foot or deeper. This will give you approximately 1/3 the air supply of your back gas for most single tank divers. This allows you plenty of time to make your way back to the anchor line or to tie off and shoot a bag.   Tanks are cylinder only. Valves are available separately.