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Bulk Purchase Knives

Bulk Purchase Knives   This is our bulk purchase knife area.     John’s Quick Tips;   Sharpening a knife.  A Sharp knife is great and there are many ways to sharpen them.  The quickest and easiest is to use a metal file.  Not only will the blade by sharp but the edge will have stropping on it.  This is fine micro serrations that allow the blade to bite into the item being cut.   Silicone Grease that blade If you are diving in salt water this is an old trick from years ago.  Once you are done sharpening your knife glob and I do mean glob silicone grease all over the blade.  Make sure to get it into all the little recesses by the handle.  If you do this salt water can not touch the blade so you get no rust.   Another Tip from one of our customers; If you heat the entire knife /blade with a  hairdryer before you apply the silicone,  it will flow more easily into the nooks and crannies, and make application easier and quicker.