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            Backplates     This is our backplate section.  There are many different bands of backplates on the market today.  All backplates do the same thing the real difference comes down to features.  Some have more holes others have inserts still others have bent bottoms.  When it comes to the bent bottom that is something of course you and a vice can do with just a little bit of effort.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Aluminum, Stainless or Hybrid This is a question we here all the time in the store.  It is not really the easiest to answer as divers are always trying to do everything with one item whereas two usually work better.  So here goes, if you are diving in and need lead to sink your butt then look at stainless steel.  Stainless steel is 6 pounds negative so you can take 6 pounds off your butt. Now if you still want to have ditchable weight make sure you still have enough lead to be positively buoyant once you ditch your weight.  If you do not need the weight than consider an aluminum plate.  Aluminum plates weigh 1 pound. They are lightweight and if you travel they pack up smaller than a normal bc. Hybrid plates are another animal.  There are travel soft packs and the hard kydex plates.  The travel packs are super low profile and weight nothing.  The Kydex plates are mixture of stainless steel and polymer to cut down on the weight.