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Backplate and Wing Packages -- Save Big!!!!

            Backplate and Wing Packages - Save Big!!!       This is our Backplate and Wing Package page.  We get many specials from dive vendors they usually require a large purchase but with this purchase we get a special price. We have heard from divers that other shops are saying these are second rate products that the vendors dump on us.  They are not second rate they are the same products that your shop is buying.  They are just unwilling to give up their cushy margins or are unwilling to commit to 100 or more of an item. Do not be fooled into this.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at 610-631-2288     Johns Quick Tip’s: Aluminum vs. Stainless This is a question we here all the time in the store.  It is not really the easiest to answer as divers are always trying to do everything with one item whereas two usually work better.  So here goes, if you are diving in and need lead to sink your butt then look at stainless steel.  Stainless steel is 6 pounds negative so you can take 6 pounds off your butt. Now if you still want to have ditchable weight make sure you still have enough lead to be positively buoyant once you ditch your weight.  If you do not need the weight than consider an aluminum plate.  Aluminum plates weigh 1 pound. They are lightweight and if you travel they pack up smaller than a normal bc.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Wing Differences Specific Use Wing versus Multiple Use Wing This is one of those catch 22’s the best wings are made for specific circumstances, ie, if you are diving doubles buy a wing made just for this.  This specific use wings tend to have the most streamlining.  The multiple use wings however do work great. The can be used with singles or doubles and do both very well.     Wing Shapes U Shaped They should call this an upside down “U” but oh well.  This is the way wings used to be made they are still great wings.  They are low profile and work just fine.   O Shaped This is the newer style wings.  The reason behind the “O” shaped wing is no matter what angle or inclination you are at the air in the wing can move throughout the wing with ease.
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