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7mm Jumpsuit

7mm Jumpsuit Wetsuits     There are many different wetsuit materials on the Market today that are super confusing even to most shop owners.  Below is a breakdown of wetsuit materials.      This is my opinion not what the vendors want us to say.   Standard Neoprene This is seen on most of the cheap suits on the market place.  The standard neoprene is stiffer than the premium neoprene.  Standard neoprene suits tend to feel hard and do not have much stretch. It tends to gap unless you fit it just right.   Premium Neoprene This is a stretchier version of the standard neoprene.  It is still not that stretchy but one step above the standard. It tends to gap unless you fit it just right. It also has a better abrasion resistance   Stretchy Neoprene This is really the suit you want. Depending on the brand this stuff can stretch up to 250 percent.  What this means in the real world is that you get a suit that conforms to your body.  It does not gap and feels like you have nothing on.  The better ones like Neosport X-Span even have a smooth micro fiber style interior that makes it incredibly comfortable.